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digital literature hub 📚


git clone ssh://git.ovine.xyz/xanadu


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zines and other literature

route: /catalogue

  • free offline copies of zines, books, web articles, and pretty much anything else that a browser can handle
  • displayed in a familiar format
  • encourages supporting the authors by prominently displaying source links
  • tags feature is being planned!

data/lib/catalogue.yml example:

- title: The Content Piece's Title
  author: Author Name
  description: >
    You can use a pipe | or a greater-than symbol > to write YAML strings across multiple lines.
    See https://yaml-multiline.info for details.
  type: zine | book | article | ...or whatever you want
    - foo
    - bar
  image: "/static/lit/file.jpg"
  image_class: banner | portrait
  href: "/static/lit/file.pdf"  # the primary link that the image/title anchor points to
  links:  # extra links off to the side
    epub: "/static/lit/file.epub"
    source: https://zine.website/

data/lib/hyperlinks.yml example:

- name: Section title
  description: This is a group of links under a related banner.
    - url: https://website.org/page.htm
    - url: https://example.com
      name: Super duper cool website

- name: Group two
  description: This is another group of links!
    - ...


copy example.config.yml to config.yml in the same location as the xanadu executable and make changes as needed.


  • tiny web, maximizing browser compatibility by being smol
  • mobile and desktop equally important
  • ascii art wrapped in <pre/> tags with alt-text for accessibility

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a reference to: