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👝 a REST API for saving webpages to read later


git clone ssh://git.ovine.xyz/reticule



a very simple REST API for saving online articles to read later.

NOTICE: this project is currently being rewritten in Go and is not in a usable state yet. You can find the old Typescript version here.


TO DO...


Web browser

  1. Copy the bookmarklet code from the logs and replace <SERVER_ADDRESS> with the IP address or domain name.
  2. Create a new bookmark in your browser (in the bookmarks bar for easy access, perhaps) and set the URL to the bookmarklet code.
  3. Go to an article that you want to save, click the bookmark, et voila!


  1. Install HTTP Shortcuts from F-Droid or the Play Store.
  2. Download reticule_http_shortcut.json from this repo to your device.
  3. Open HTTP Shortcuts, tap the vertical 3 dots in the top right corner, tap "Import/Export", then tap "Import from file". Select the json file you downloaded earlier.
  4. Go back to the main page, tap the 3 dot button again, then tap "Variables", and edit the values of reticule_instance and reticule_api_key to match those of your instance.
  5. Try using the share button in an app. A new item "Send to..." with the HTTP Shortcuts icon should appear on the share sheet. You can also save an article by tapping the shortcut inside the HTTP Shortcuts app itself and pasting the URL.

RSS feed reader

The RSS feed URL is <SERVER_ADDRESS>/feed?key=<API_KEY>. Replace the placeholders with your proper values and add it to your feed reader of choice. If it doesn't work in your reader, open an issue and I will try my best to resolve it!