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🌴 tiny self-hosted blogging platform


git clone ssh://git.ovine.xyz/islet


islet 🌴

Tiny blogging server. Express.js-based fork of Zonelets.

All themes from the Zonelet theme pack v1.1 are included (license CC0). Islet aims to be 100% compatible with themes made for Zonelets!

Usage instructions

Documentation coming soon...


Released under the MIT License. See LICENSE.

Islet is built upon the work of Zonelets by Marina Kittaka. Zonelets is available on itch.io for free with an MIT license. Marina has also created several themes which are included here in full and without modification. These themes are available under the Creative Commons Zero license, which is equivalent to public domain.

I'd also like to thank the authors of the Javascript modules used by this project, including:

The full list can be found in package.json!